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Providing a concise evaluation of forty Hadiths?sayings of the prophet Muhammad?this compilation bargains an in-depth research of the second one crucial resource of Islamic authority after the Qur?an. Following the prophet?s inspired culture of targeting a decide on forty of the proverbs rather than the full assortment, this quantity includes the unique Arabic textual content, English translations, and informative observation. Compiled from the works of in demand Muslim student Fethullah Glen, this learn offers a transparent portrait of the way the prophet Muhammad tested the foundations of Islamic existence via his teachings.

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For instance, even if you ascend to the sky, meet God’s Messenger by transcending time, or witness various manifestations from God, all of these mean nothing in comparison to carrying out the Sunna of the Prophet properly. ” This is how those with true understanding of faith should think. If we live according to the Qur’an and the Sunna and embed the principles and regulations of true faith in our lives, then God will bless us in a similar way as He has blessed those with wisdom. For real benefit comes from nothing else then faith and religion; if dreams provide positive motivation, we should draw this much out of it.

THE COMPASSION OF THE COMPASSIONATE ONE “(Once) captives were brought in front the Prophet. Among them was a woman. The woman, longing for her child, ran back and forth, picking up every child she saw, pressing them to her breast to nurse them. ’ (The Companions) said, ‘No! ’” (Bukhari, Adab, 18; Muslim, Tawba, 22) Every Muslim must seriously consider this hadith, act accordingly and be more tolerant towards others. ” Another important aspect is how this subject reflects on us: As a nation we have not made enough efforts to demonstrate the realities and truth to the youth of today.

Good Manners 38 13. Knowledge and Worship 42 14. Compassion: The Path to Guidance and Communication 45 15. The Outcome of Honesty and Deceit 48 16. Eternal Company with Those Whom You Love 51 17. Piety, Kindness and Good Behavior 54 18. Society and Administration 57 19. Deeds Are to be Judged according to Intentions 59 20. An Ideal Muslim and the Evil of the Tongue and Hand 64 21. Abandoning That Which Is of No Benefit 68 22. Showing Patience 71 23. The Hand That Gives Is Superior to the One That Takes 75 24.

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