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By Cyrus Lakdawala

ISBN-10: 1857446615

ISBN-13: 9781857446616

Cyrus Lakdawala offers an competitive establishing repertoire, in accordance with the Veresov commencing. This repertoire is ideal in the event you have little time for learn yet take pleasure in taking rivals out in their convenience zones.

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Xf2+ 1 3 nxf2 4 4)c3 f)f6 and 4 . . a,g 4 16 �f4 �xf4! 1 7 gxf4 thxf4) 15 . . �e4 16 �f4 �xf4! 17 gxf4 thxf4 18 the2 �f8+ Marj anovic - Parma, Y ugosl avia 1979. e6 ! 14 thxb7 �xf3! 15 thxa8+ �f8 16 thxf8+ thxf8 0 : 1 Eme l i n - Roz u menko, Correspondence 1983. 12 ... �xfS 13 cxd4 13 g3 is no good i n view of 1 3 . . xf2+ ! f4 �xf4 18 gxf4 thxf4. xg4 (also 1 4 . . h3!! and Black won, Gonsher Freize, 1979. 13 ... �xf3 14 g3 {)xh2 Nikiti n s uggests 14 thh6 15 h4 �f6 or 15 . . �d3 as being to Black's advan­ tage.

Xf2 c:£)e4! 17 4jg3 ( 1 7 c:£)c3 gets the same reply) 17 . . tf1b4! xe8? xe2. xe2 tf1xe2 In this critical position Black s tands okay despite the pawn deficit. 16 d3 4Jh51 Less i ncisive is 16 ... c6 17 h3 4jh5! e3 tf1xd1 19 ... Others 61 �axd1 4Jg3! 20 �fe1 4jf5= Stoica - Ciocal tea, Bucha­ rest 1980. e3 18 fxe3 tf1xe3+ 19 C{tlh1 4Jg3+1 20 hxg3 tf1h6+ 21 C{tlg1 tf1e3+ With a draw by perpetual. B22 8 4Jf3 This i mmediate attack on the central ised knight red­ uces Black's attacking possibil i ties.

Hf8 15 �d3 �f6! Instead of 15 . . �f6 ! , 15 . . �f7 is in­ accurate as can be seen from the correspondence game Mik. :txf4 21 �dt h5 22 �dd3 �a8 23 c4 aS 24 c5 and White obtained the initiative. e3 can fol low 12 .. xf4 exf4 15 �c3 f3 or 12 . . e2 d5 i n both cases with good Black play. e3 h61 This continuation has been worked out by Mik. Tseitlin. 1 and after 13 4:Jd5! xf6 ( 1 4 . . xf6 ! ) 15 c3 �g6 16 �g4 �xg4 17 hxg4 h6 18 g3 Whi te had all the chances. Here, Black is threaten­ ing to take the i nitiative on ...

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