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By John Watson

ISBN-10: 1906454302

ISBN-13: 9781906454302

Such has been the approval for John Watson's ground-breaking works on smooth chess process and his insightful beginning books, that it's only ordinary that he now offers a strategic commencing repertoire.

It is the chess-player's holy grail: a versatile repertoire that offers rivals genuine difficulties yet does not require plenty of memorization or continuous research of ever-changing grandmaster thought. whereas this ebook cannot really promise all of that, Watson deals an fascinating choice of traces that provide big scope for over-the-board creativity and will by no means bring about a lifeless draw.

The repertoire is predicated on 1 d4 and a pair of c4, following up with methodical play within the centre. Watson makes use of his substantial beginning wisdom to choose crafty move-orders and toxic sequences that may strength competitors to imagine for themselves, delivering a real attempt of chess realizing. all through, he discusses techniques for either side, so readers should be absolutely able to pounce on any inaccuracies, and feature all of the instruments to choose the main applicable plans for White.

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Dxe4? xa6 ±. ltJb4 ! a4 dxe4 ! l:txb7 e5 ! 1 2 d5.! ends in only a very slight advantage for White. 8 f6!? • This is the simple idea: eventually White will break through with h5. • b6?! HUbner prefers 1 8 .. 'it'g8 t. c 1 , as played in the game Kramnik-Gelfand, Wijk aan Zee 1 998, 20 h5 ! g5 21 h6 is very strong. The idea is 2 l .. gxf4? 22 hxg7+ �xg7 23 'iig4+ �f6 24 8 ... ltJf6 9 e3 (9 :xa6 ! bxa6 1 0 e3 should also be favourable for White; compare the note to Black's 7th move above) 9 ... a4 lLld3 + !

Tfd l lt:Jxd5 and now: d2 l ) 1 6 'ir'xd5 'ii'c 8 has been assessed as un­ clear. l1e8 ( 1 7 ... te7 ! txb2? :td2 'ii'e6 (20... tf6 22 ti:Jd5. e6 1 7 lt:Jxe7+ 'ilfxe7 1 8 'ilfe4 llxd l + ( 1 8 ... :td8 20 l:tc l , Bodiroga-Jovancic, Pancevo 2005. White has a pawn-up ending with opposite-coloured bish­ ops; probably not enough to win against accu­ rate defence, but nevertheless giving chances in a real game. trs (D) B w Now the play becomes concrete: d 1 ) 1 2 ... e I ti:Jb6 ( 1 4 .. 'ii'c8 1 5 'ili'b5 !

An aggressive move, attacking Black's g4-bishop) 7 ... tt:'lxe5 (7 ... exd5 1 0 'ii'd4 (hitting both bishops) 1 0... e7 1 6 0-0-0 - Onishchuk. "ika5 1 0 f3 exd5?! xc3+ 1 2 bxc3 'it'xc3+ I 3 'iii>f2 tt:'lh6 14 h3 and in Onishchuk-Morozevich, Alushta 1 994, White was much better according to Onishchuk; he went on to win. b23) 9 ... 'it'e5 ( 1 2 ... g3 ! f2 "ikd2 1 7 l:tac 1 �g6 ( 1 7 . xc2 b6 20 a4! e5 2 1 a5 c5 22 axb6 axb6 23 l:tb1 ±) 1 8 �c4! lvanov-Ulko, Moscow 1 995. These examples are all terribly instructive.

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