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Judgements themselves instead are made intuitively. Their relationships are then constructed in retrospect 71 The status nascendi is called ―tentative stage‖ by Chamberlin (1890) ―in which the affections enter with their binding influence‖. 72 People who think that this is impossible should remember that all of biological research into evolution is based on such a genetic process. Often one has to assume the most probable path and keep searching for more clues into the direction as well as looking for clues excluding other possible paths of development.

Mach (1886; 1919, p. 85) for instance observes that our own experience can mislead us in a genetic analysis: ―It is natural for the learner to proceed from the simpler to the more complex. ‖ 32 Hayo Siemsen to become conscious. Therefore, in the famous Libet experiment, people show an activation of the muscles before they consciously ―decide‖ to press a button (see for instance Carter 2002). Judgement is only seemingly the most conscious of thought activities. It is the activity happening just after it, which becomes conscious.

These ideas are then applied to the broader empirical contexts of facts concerning intuition. The probably most known case of intuition in science and one described explicitly for psychologists48 is certainly Poincaré‘s experience on ―the genesis of mathematical discovery‖ (Poincaré 1908; 2003, p. 49 ―I shall say for example, that I have found a theorem under such circumstances. 50 ―A mathematical demonstration is not a simple juxtaposition of syllogisms; it consists of syllogisms placed in a certain order, and the order in which these elements are placed is much more important than the elements themselves.

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