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82). 83a) fey - fez t = (Fy + Fz)f.. 83b) To prove that a quadrupole doublet cannot be regarded as a single thin lens, Penner 11 shows that tiy + tey =I= t. The equality would be required for the thin-lens approximation to be valid. 82a) it is clear that tiy +fey= Fyt(~ + ~) f.. 80a) that t/fJ2 must be equal to zero, which is impossible for a real quadrupole doublet. 85) This shows that the distance between the principal planes is not zero for any real quadrupole doublet and is in fact not negligible in most practical cases.

D. Sevier, Nucl. lnstr. Methods, 22, 345, figure 1 (1963) may be a photographic plate. With the photographic plate it is possible to record beta particles over a wide energy range simultaneously and in addition to obtain a more or less permanent record. Energy measurements are taken from the 'sharp' high-energy edge of the line, corresponding to the central ray, on the plate or the BR versus count-rate spectrum. It is thus rather important to ensure that this edge is not artificially distorted by slits in the instrument since this would cause errors in the measured radius, or BR value, for the line.

3 = 3/s. 90) vanish and this means that the resolution is independent of 1/1 0 • This is in agreement with the first-order result. 90) vanishes and the resolution is independent of 0 to second order of accuracy. 3 = Ys it is known as a 'wide-aperture' instrument. 90) is only dependent on~ through the term containing the source height, h, and this term is usually small. It is clear that there is a fairly wide range for the parameter ~within which double focusing can be achieved for a= -~-The flat types of spectrometers often have ~ = Ys because of vertical restrictions by the pole pieces whereas the coaxial opposed coil current sheet type 1 usually have~= 3/s, since here there is virtually no vertical restriction.

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