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By Timothy Taylor

ISBN-10: 1857446232

ISBN-13: 9781857446234

Former US Open Champion Timothy Taylor takes a modern examine one in all Black’s so much bold counters to one e4, the Alekhine Defence. this can be a sharp, artistic establishing within which Black assaults from the very starting, luring White’s important pawns ahead within the expectation of destroying them later on. In this booklet Taylor constructs a pragmatic repertoire for Black, excellent for the modern day participant. the entire key tactical and positional principles are coated and significant move-order nuances are highlighted. This publication offers every thing you must comprehend so one can play the Alekhine with self assurance.

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E7! Black wins. A nice move, but insufficient of course. 26 ... :Id7? Often tricks like this are useful to gain time on the clock, but not here. xd5! immediately and the game is over. 40 30 .. g7 White does not have any real compensation for the piece. e7 36 'ii"g3 f4 37 'ii"xg4 "Yi'xd3+ 38 ~g1 fxe30-1 4 ttJg5 d5 5 exd5 ttJa5: Introduction Summary 6... td7!? is a good alternative to 6... c6 and, most importantly, there is plenty of room for independent ideas and analysis. In the line 6... c6 7 dxc6 bxc6 then 8 'irYf3?!

21 ... 0,c6 22 gxf5 ~xf5 23 0,fe4 0,d4 24 0,xf6+ 24 h4? looks tempting, but after 26 ... xe4 25 fxe4 'iVe6 26 ~g2l:tabS 27 b3 gxh4 White has problems. 24 .. Vxf6 25 0,e4 "YIig6 26 "VJIid2 ~e7 27 1:[g1 It>h8 % -% The position is about even: the black knight on d4 is as valuable as the white one on e4. Nevertheless both players should be ashamed for not playing on. Came 20 Ciocaltea-Nezhmetdinov Bucbarest 1954 13 ~d2 The following game does not have great 49 Two Knights Defence theoretical value.

14 ... e5 15 'i¥g3 iif6! Black is much better here. e2 0-0 And now he is winning. 20 'i¥e4+ Wh8 21 0-0 cud4 22 cud2 Losing a piece, but there is no salvation. f6 and Black wins. 4 0,g5 d5 5 exd5 0,a5: Introduction 22 ... f2 'YiVxa1 + 0-1 Game 15 Van der Wiel-Spassky Reggio Emilia 1986/87 1 e4 e5 2 0,f3 0,c6 3 ~c4 0,f6 4 0,g5 d5 5 exd5 0,a5 6 ~b5+ c6 7 dxc6 bxc6 8 iif3?! h6! This move was fIrst introduced in a game by two Masters in the Soviet Union in 1955. After this game grandmaster Mark Tairnanov was sure that Black is doing well in this line.

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