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Play or Prey?• assault techniques for every uniquespecies• info on guns, instruments, talents, and gear• entire walkthroughs for Alien, Predator, and Marine missions• complicated guidelines for veteran gamers• Multiplayer point and playable personality assistance

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Cross the room to the control station. Activate the pad labeled “Local Nexus” to the right of the station to open a circuit panel. ൸ Use your Hacking Tool on the panel, reactivating the defense grid. . and letting all hell break loose. ൸ Immediately arm yourself (we recommend the Shotgun). A ceiling panel falls, and an Alien drops from above. Blast it! Fig. 5-10. Take a closer look at one of the locals. Aliens love to ambush unsuspecting Marines from behind crates. CHAPTER 5: MARINE MISSIONS Defense Control Room Fig.

Hold down the Fire button for a second or two to unleash a supercharged shot that deals serious damage. Few things survive this type of direct hit, and anything in its large blast radius takes damage (including you, if you’re too close). ൸ You can also “pre-charge” a shot—that is, hold down your Alt-Fire button for a second, which supercharges the next shot you unleash with the Fire button. ) <16> When you’re in a special Vision mode, the Plasmacaster locks on the nearest highlighted target. The Plasmacaster auto aims, and when you fire, the plasma projectile tracks to the target.

This moves you in a circular pattern around your victim. Remember that your claw attack also replenishes your health, but only on corpses. Simply claw a dead body repeatedly, until nothing is left. <38> PART 2: S I NGLE-PLAYER M I SS I ONS Prima’s Official Strategy Guide MAR I NE M I SS I ONS The assault vessel USS Verloc orbits the planet LV-1201, a forbidding swirl of gale-force winds, extreme electrical activity, and general seismic instability. Your team includes Sergeant Hall, the section leader; Johnson, the dropship pilot; Shugi, your APC (Armored Personnel Carrier) driver; Jones, the communications tech specialist; and Duke and Blackwell, fellow grunts.

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