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By G. C. Barrett

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This article is meant for undergraduate and starting graduate scholars in chemistry and biochemistry learning amino acids and peptides. The authors pay attention to amino acids and peptides with out certain discussions of proteins, whereas giving the entire crucial historical past chemistry, together with series choice, synthesis and spectroscopic equipment. The procedure is meant to motivate the reader to go classical obstacles whereas gaining an knowing of protein habit on a molecular point. The ebook comprises chapters at the organic roles of amino acids, in addition to a piece on enzyme-catalyzed synthesis of peptides, with compatible examples, a space frequently overlooked in texts describing peptide synthesis. this contemporary textual content should be of price within the amino acid, peptide and protein box, to complicated undergraduates, graduate scholars and study staff.

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D. ) (1996) Circular Dichroism in Conformational Analysis of Biomolecules, Plenum, New York. Hermkens, P. H. , van Dinther, T. , Joukema, C. , Wagenaars, G. N. and Ottenheijm, H. C. , 35, 9271. , Buttkus, U. -H. (1991) Angew. Chem. Int. , 30, 1514. Zimm, B. , and Bragg, J. K. (1959) J. Chem. , 31, 526. g. g. g. aliphatic hydroxy and side-chain amide groups). The properties of peptides also depend on the same factors, but it must be remembered that, in a linear peptide containing n amino-acid residues, all but one ␣-amino group and one ␣carboxy group are incorporated into neutral peptide and amide bonds.

A) Aggregated antiparallel ␤-sheets at pH 4. (b) ␣-helices aggregating at pH 7. 9 Conformational transitions for peptides For the general case, conformational transitions can be very easily brought about. 7). The ordered–disordered transition (denaturation) is common behaviour for polypeptides and proteins which can often be brought about thermally or by changes to the solvent, such as changes of ionic strength or of pH. 10 References accompanies the neutralisation of the charges on the polymers and they adopt the right-handed ␣-helix conformation.

Nowadays, investigation of acid–base properties tends to be limited to the study of groups that are believed to be involved in the manifestation of biochemical and biological properties. Before ending this section, it is worth mentioning the special case of the phenolic hydroxy groups of tyrosyl groups, the pKa values of which can be determined uniquely by spectrophotometric titration. 2 Metal-binding properties of amino acids and peptides Amino acids are bidentate ligands for several transition metal ions.

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