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By Robert Dankoff

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The imperial warrants (beratlar) of the mosque and shops and houses which he built, containing the noble cipher (tu

139–194 ch. 1955 Valide Sultan mosque chs. 196–200 Other mosques 4 Note 59b26: bàlàda onbe{inci faßılda càmi"ler evßàfı ta˙rìr olunma©ile yine ßad[ed]e rücu" edüp. 5 Prior to this Evliya notes end of account of sultans and resumption of description of imperial mosques. man of istanbul ch. ch. ch. ch. ch. ch. ch. 2056 206 207 208 209 210 211 ch. 212 ch. ch. ch. ch. ch. 213 214 215 216 217 ch. 218 ch. 219 ch. 220 ch. 221 ch. ch. ch. ch. ch. ch. ch. 222 223 224 225 226 227 228 ch. 229 ch. 230 ch. 231 ch.

Greece. Crete: Candia campaign. Albania. Istanbul 1670. IX. Aegean and Mediterranean coast. The Holy Land. The Hajj. → Cairo. X. Cairo 1672: historical and geographical survey. Shops and guilds. Down the Nile: the Delta. Up the Nile: Sudan and Abyssinia. → Cairo. Seyahatname—Outline of Book I eve of Ashura (= 10 Muharrem) 1040/19 August 1630: [ch. 1] ch. 2 ch. 3 ch. 4 ch. 5 ch. 6 ch. 7 ch. 8 ch. 9 ch. 10 ch. 11 the dream Hadiths on Istanbul Founding of Istanbul Black Sea Walls of Istanbul (built by Constantine) Circumference of Istanbul Talismans Mines; resumption of historical narrative: the rise of Islam Sieges Seljuk and Ottoman conquests of Rum Siege and conquest Capture of Frankish ships; fulfillment of Ak }emseddin’s prophecy; kin relationship of the ch.

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