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By Shawn D. Mansfield, John N. Saddler

ISBN-10: 0841238316

ISBN-13: 9780841238312

Applications of Enzymes to Lignocellulosics covers examine concentrating on knowing the elemental microbiology, biochemistry, genetics and enzymology of microorganisms and their extracellular enzymes, whereas simultaneously manipulating those biocatalysts to change lignocellulosic processing in an environmentally benign demeanour.

Furthermore, it demonstrates fresh findings in a few components on the topic of forestry, pulp and paper, and wood-derived items, together with: xylanase-aided biobleaching, direct bleaching with oxidative enzymes, enzyme-induced changes to inherent fibre morphology, superior paper recycling, enzymatic de-inking, mill whitewater remediation, and conversion of lignocellulosic to value-added items, akin to fuel-grade ethanol.

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