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By Kathleen Haywood

ISBN-10: 1450444687

ISBN-13: 9781450444682

A advisor to learning the abilities, suggestions, and techniques required to shoot safely, constantly, and accurately. innovative guide with accompanying images comprises ninety three workouts for every part of the shot--stance, draw, objective, liberate, and follow-through--for recurve and compound bows.

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24 Shooting Safely Learn to shoot without holding the arrow on the bow with your index finger to avoid puncturing or scratching your finger. 5) rather than crossing the shooting line to retrieve it. Always shoot arrows toward the target; never shoot arrows straight up into the air. Shooting an arrow upward is very dangerous because you have no control over where it lands. Stop shooting immediately if you hear an emergency signal, which is often three or more whistle blasts. 5 Use a bow to rake fallen arrows toward you.

This is particularly important in wooded areas and when you are shooting alone. With others, one archer could stand in front of the target while others search behind it. Walk, don’t run, to the target, and approach it with caution. Tripping into the nock end of an arrow can cause a serious injury, especially to your eyes. Retrieve low arrows that landed in the grass short of the target as soon as possible on the walk to the target. If the fletching is embedded in the grass, pull the arrow forward and out of the grass to avoid damaging the fletching.

1 Determine eye dominance. (a) Put one hand on top of the other to make a small hole, centering the bull’s-eye in the hole. (b) Bring hands to face, keeping both eyes open. Determining Draw Length You need a draw length measurement to fit a bow and select your arrows. Draw length is the distance between the nocking point of the bowstring and the grip of the bow handle (the pivot point) at full draw. Your arrows must be longer than your draw length; otherwise, they will fall off the back of the arrow rest as you draw your bow.

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