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Consider this, you that are here present, that yet remain PURPOSE OF PUNISHMENT in an unregenerate state. That God ness of His anger, implies that any He 19 will execute the fierce- will inflict wrath without pity. Even though increasing knowledge may have somewhat softened the language of vengeance, still both religion and the law have found their chief justification for punishment in the doctrine of revenge. The church has constantly taught from the first God would ptmish the sinner with everlasting that torment.

The origin of a human being is a simple cell, an egg. This cell is fertilized and through growth after fertilization begins dividing and building and taking on the form and semblance of a human being. All children have the same origin, the same development and the same life is Each has a distinct and different equipment from any of the others. The size of the body, real and potential; the size and fineness of the brain; the delicacy and sensi- pattern, yet no two are alike. tiveness of the nervous system; the innate instincts upon which conduct mainly rests; the emotions which control action and which flow from the structure — in short, the degree of perfection perfection of the machine original cell.

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